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Reinstalling problems

Hey, my subscription ran out so i went online to mcafee store and bought a 1year 3user license. when i clicked the download link on my browser i got the file DMSETUP, when i run it i just get a click noise constantly and nothing happens. im running a dell xps 420 with windows vista
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RE: Reinstalling problems

Please clarify,
What is the version of Operating system OS you use?
How do you connect to the Internet (DSL, Dialup, cable)?
Do you still have the old (expired) McAfee in the system?
Steps can be tried
Make sure you don’t have any old version of McAfee product in the computer run the McAfee consumer removal tool ( )
Try to uninstall any third party protection software from the programs and features (start-control panel)
Save the DM setup file in the desk top and then right click on and run it as administrator
Please let us know if the issue persists happy
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