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Reinstalling McAfee Total Protection 2009

I uninstalled McAfee Total Protection 2009 because my Spamkiller was not working. My computer froze up towards the end of the uninstall when it was uninstalling Security Center. I had to restart my computer and when I checked to see if everything was uninstalled I cannotfindanymore Mcafee folder. I tried reinstalling McAfee but now it gives me a message that says I have to restart my computer to reinstall McAfee which I did 3 times. Please help!!!!
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RE: Reinstalling McAfee Total Protection 2009

are you using XP or vista?

try this:

in XP, go to start then click on run then type c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. Look for the file $McRebootA5E6DEAA56$
delete it then try to download again.

in vista, c:\Users\All Users\start menu\programs\startup. Delete the same file and try to download McAfee again.

hope this helps.
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RE: Reinstalling McAfee Total Protection 2009

Try running the MCPR removal tool in Safe Mode (tap F8 repeatedly while booting up).

Or contact Technical Support Chat linked at top left of this page or in my signature.
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