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Register Mc Afee on new PC

Hey guys,

In summer I bought a three-year abonemmont of MC Afee Security Center. Some weeks ago my PC collapsed, so I had to let it fixed. Now it's working again and I have to register my Security Center. How can I do this without paying again?
The Security Center was included with my PC from Dell.

When it's the wrong forum for this question I'm sorry. I'm also sorry for my bad english.^^

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RE: Register Mc Afee on new PC

To register you mcafee please follow the below steps;

1. Right-click the M icon on your task bar near your system clock.
2. Select Updates from the menu. If you have not registered your software, you will be prompted to register before obtaining your updates.
3. When the McAfee Product Registration window displays, click Next to continue with the registration process.
4. Complete the product registration form to proceed with updating the product.

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