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Real Time Scanning won't stay on!

My real time scanning will not stay on. When I try switch it on, it attempts to turn on, then turns off shortly after - saying that my computer is at risk.

I spent over 4 hours with technical support where I was assisted virtually (they took control of my machine) and we had no luck.

I had at least 3 hours of tier 2 technical support and my problem remains unsolved.

Just something to note: the occurence of this issue coincided with a significant change in McAfee's user interface.

The first user interface (the one where real time scanning was functional) looked like this:

The second UI (where real time scanning will not switch on) looks like this:

It is also worth noting that I am repeatedly instructed to download new updates for McAfee, then restart my computer. I do this and it just asks me to do it again after restarting (asks me to download & install updates then restart)

I have tried everything on the FAQ list:

The tier 2 technical support tried various additional things, including messing about with my registry keys but to no avail.

I believe this is a problem that many people would be having as it seems to have been caused at the same time my user interface changed.

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Re: Real Time Scanning won't stay on!

The trouble with multiple posts is that you may end up with multiple answers or none at all so best not to do that.

If these troubles seem to coincide with an upgrade the chances are the upgrade wenr badly for whatever reason.

First thing to do is make sure your system clock is accurate both time and timezone-wise and that your system is totally up to date, including IE, even if you don't use it, McAfee does.

Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features and uninstall all McAfee.

Then run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot.

Run the McPreinstall Tool.

Reinstall from your online account NOT from any CD.


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