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Real Time Scanning will not switch on

My parents have a new laptop (only about 6 weeks old) that appears to have been infected already.

In the last week, Real Time Scanning keeps switching off and Mcafee will not let you do a manual scan.

I have gone to Real Time Scanning, switched it on and it goes green.  Then i have tried to run a scan but an error pops up saying an unexpected problem occured.

A further problem is that I can not get to the support page of Mcafee using IE but I can using Google Chrome. ( but the support pages do not support Google Chrome so you can not do anything)  With IE it will just not let you in.

I have so far run SuperAntiVirus and Malwarebytes anti virus.  Both found issues and cleaned them but I still have this problem.

The computer is running Windows 7.  It has only really been used a bit on the internet and Mcafee was installed as soon as they got it (which is why I am surprised that they have this issue)

Can anyone help



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Re: Real Time Scanning will not switch on

Have you seen this link regarding malware? Maybe there is something additionally you could do based on those recommendations.

You could also try to run SuperAntispyware which is free and removes a lot of spyware which may be on the machine. You might need to download this to a usb stick and rename the download to something you can easily remember as well as the installation folder. After it is installed check for updates and run the program and let it clean everything it finds and then reboot the computer.

I would suggest you do the same for Malwarebytes with respect to the renaming of the download and install files. You should remove SuperAntivirus as it is probably conflicting with McAfee since McAfee is an antivirus program.

Another sugeestion would be to uninstall via Add/Remove programs and reboot, then go to Useful links at the top of this page and run the MCPR removal tool. MCPR will remove any traces of McAfee leftover that fail to remove via the normal uninstall and reboot again. Then login to your online McAfee account and download and install your software and see if problem gets corrected.

Let us know how this works for you.

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