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Real Time Scanning is off

It was working fine yesterday, but today this has happened: idk what happend.png the fire wall keeps on going down too.

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Re: Real Time Scanning is off

Please can someone help with this - I too am having the same issue.  I spoke with a technician who took over my system -  waved a magic wand and told me to restart computer and it woud be fine - did so - went to work came home and voila!  Same problem existed.  Got another technician who was not very nice and said it was because I use Google Chrome - told him I have been using Google Chrome for 2 years with McAfee and not a single issue - so he basically told me to take it to another technician and then like magic it worked for a week and now doing the same thing again - it is a shame because I have been a loyal McAfee user and now I feel it is time to look around - so if anyone has a tip I would love to hear it - I have done the virtual technician and the chat now what....

Re: Real Time Scanning is off

I really do this will get fixed. It might has to do with google chrome probabbly.  cause it has been messing up alot of sites.

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