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Real Time Scanning is Off/Firewall is Off - please help!

Please help!  I have spent all day uninstalling and reinstalling my McAfee Internet Security as the last few times I had turned my desktop on, the Firewall would not turn on.  I have had this on my Dell Dimension 5150 with Windows XP Version 2002 for years with no issues at all.  I had not changed anything either to affect a change in behaviour.  When trying the first re-installation this morning, it told me to remove my Spybopt Search & Destroy, which I did not do, but got error messages, so the next time I did and I have also attempted a registry clean, which for some reason took out my Google Chrome, but that is another issue.  I have looked at other threads and tried the MVT and the remove tool, but all to no avail and it has driven me bonkers.  I have been working from home today and luckily have access to a lap top so have got some things done, but would like to get this resolved.  With the latest few updates, I have restarted the computer and got a message that said that the real time scanning is off and when turned on, the firewall then is off and vice versa.

From the last MVT, I have the attached reports.  If someone could help my if would be much appreciated.  Please be gentle as I am not as tech savvy as I used to be.

Thanks very much

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Re: Real Time Scanning is Off/Firewall is Off - please help!

Please stop using registry cleaners as those will remove essential registry keys and cause malfunctions.  Believe me I know this from years of experience.   If they have any restore function please use it.  Then uninstall them and forget about them..

Make sure Windows is totally up to date using the Microsoft Updates option for all components in settings (XP SP3), and especially make sure that Internet Explorer is the latest version and at its default settings (IE8) because even if you don't use that browser, McAfee does,

Next go to Start/Run or click the Windows key + R simultaneously, and type in services.msc and click OK or hit the Enter key.

Scroll down services and locate the Windows Firewall Service and ensure that it is Started and Automatic - double-click & edit if needed to make it so.  See if that helps.

Unless a technician sees those reports I can't help so it might be faster for you to contact Technical Support directly - linked under Useful Links at the top of this page and available free of charge by phone (best way), online chat (next best way).

As far as extra protection goes we don't recommend Spybot S & D as it has had many issues with McAfee software but there are others in the last link in my signature below.

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