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Real-Time Scanning Turning off

The real time scanning suddenly stopped working on my computer, I turn it on and it turns off within a few minutes.  How do I get it to stay on?

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Re: Real-Time Scanning Turning off

Several possibilities a big 1 would be you may have a virus. That said try the following first before we look at the virus possibility

1. Have you any other AV programs installed or had been install prior to this version of Mcafee.? This includes other versions of Mcafee. If you have or had  you may nee dto run the relevant removal tool for the program you had. If you had Mcafee (aother version) yopu should have run MCPR removal tool mentioned here

2. try a manual update somethimes this shocks it into working.

these ideas and other thoughts mentioned here

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Re: Real-Time Scanning Turning off

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Re: Real-Time Scanning Turning off

Hi there,

There are several issues for the Real time scanner to be disabled , some of them are ;

Malware issue

If you performed a system restore

Updates not installed

Conflict with a third party scanner

McAfee services not started

We have a propose document here that would help you in troubleshooting and fixing the issue without the intervention of a technician , please try it and let us know if you still have the issues persisting ???


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