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Random Blue screens, lack of support, not waiting any longer

When McAfee Security Center updated many weeks ago, it was easy for me to isolate that my two relatively new Dells shared one thing in common: McAfee.

And it was apparent this was the source of the random blue screens at startup, shutdown, or in the middle of the day were caused by McAfee.

Tech support was limited and either had no ide what was taking place or in a state of denial. Multiple threads here give the appearance that there are actually

different types of blue screen situations since 10, and there seems to be a dartboard beta attempt to "see if that works" approach. Hearding nothing back directly from McAfee as promised I got tired of wating. I own McAfee because it was "given" to me on two new Dells, not by choice. I have removed McAfee from both computers. No more blue screen. I am happily using Windows Security Essentials. Thus far it found some java exploits missed by McAfee, it also stopped something real time. Again something McAfee never did. The program is lightweight, fast and appears thorough. I've read the reviews on all of the available products. I've heard the pros and cons about waht you "get for nothing" - Thus far I couldn't be more pleased and while I know MSFT has messed up many things in the past, I'm going to give them credit for the moment of developing a product that actually works with their own operating system. I couldn't take this McAfee self help nonsense any longer.

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