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REAL TIME Scanning is a resource hog

It seems that Real Time Scanning hogs my computer resources after several hours of operation to the point of making the computer useless for any other slows to a crawl!  I need to restart the computer to successfully use it again.  So I have discovered that I have to disable this feature to actually use the computer for some real work.  Does anybody else have this problem and/or know when it will be fixed?  The constant nagging that my computer is at risk because real time scanning is not enabled is annoying, as well.

My system seemed to work OK until the software was upgraded on or about 7/20/10.  At that time, a new user interface was displayed and things went down hill.  If anyone has successfully contacted McAfee technical support and gotten an answer to this question please advise...

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Re: REAL TIME Scanning is a resource hog

If you are referring to the scheduled scans under Real Time scanning, go to the Scheduled Scan Settings and see if the first box titled Scan Using Minimal Resources is checked.  If so, you may want to uncheck this and try another scheduled scan.

My scheduled scans were taking about 5 hours and this fixed it for me and put it back in the 1 hour range.  This may have a performance impact if you are using your system while the scan runs.  With mine, it was noticeable but still very useable.


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