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Quit / Close SecurityCenter

Hi, I'm running McAfeeSecurity Center 9.0 and I notice it puts an icon in my taskbar that tells me it's always monitoring my system which is good. However, there's times when I'd like to be able to close / terminate it temporarily while I do stuff like burn CDs or play games so it doesn't use up my resources when it's not nessary.

How can I quit McAfee SecurityCenter completely? I don't want to uninstall it, I'd just like to be able to work on my system without it sometimes. I've tried doing Ctrl+Alt+Del and closing some executables but they load up automatically again.
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RE: Quit / Close SecurityCenter

You can't disable and/or exit Security Center but you can disable its components.

Double-click the taskbar icon to open it
Click Advanced Menu (bottom left)
Click Configure (left)
Click Computer & Files (top left)
You can disable VirusScan at the right and tell it for how long.

Do the same with Firewall by clicking Internet & Network at the top left.

You should know, however, that SC9 is designed to throttle back any work it is doing if it senses high CPU usage as in when playing games. Better to be safe than sorry.
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