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Quick settings for SecurityCenter 9.0

I thought I had settings for SCAN to run at minimal - but today the SCAN ran for almost 3 hours - I did set for minimal - and they have changed - this runs on a Friday - what are the options I should set that this does not run this long - or should I have the SCAN run when I am not logged in
Thanks for any replies
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RE: Quick settings for SecurityCenter 9.0


the length at which the scan completes depends on the specs of your computer and the number of files that is present in your computer... the more number of files the longer the scan will complete...

Friday i think is the default setting of the scheduled scan... you can change the time and the day at which mcafee will run a scheduled scan...

it is suggested to run a mcafee scan at a time wherein you are not doing anything...

hope this helps...
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