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Level 7

Quarantine areas

Hi,  I recently went into Navigation/ Quarantined and Trusted Items.  When I open up the quarantined Items area or the Quarantined Potenially Unwanted Programs areas the busy Icon just runs and runs.  It never stops and shows that there are no files in it(if there are none) or give a list of items in it.

Is there a problem with this feature or am I doing something wrong.


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Level 7

Re: Quarantine areas

I have the same issue.

A Windows message has popped up asking me to "Stop Running Script"  - something about taking too long to respond.

But the McAfee 'busy icon just keeps on running !

I need to check just what is quarantined and trusted!!

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Level 20

Re: Quarantine areas

Sounds like too many files there. A manual clean should fix this BUT if mcafee quarantined something you want you will lose it via this method.

Explains both posts above well.

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