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Problems with ver 2010

I have a few problems with the new versions

1. When instaliing using New DMSetup - it works fine it run direct from web site - but if save (for future use) it then asks for my Login & PW which I CAN enter however at this point you need to click on "enter" but the click box is off the right side of the DMSetup Window and cannot progress further (my screeen is 1600x1200

2. When installed on one PC (of several) it keeps turning off protection - if I click to turn it "ON" it turns on for a few secoonds then turn "OFF" again cannot get this to stay active

3. On another install (Differnet PC) Installed OK , but crashed especially when doing a FULL SCAN (first time to do full scan) I is made worse if I have a download running at the same time

4. Good points - the system demands are massively reduced and background scans have little effect on work in progress.

5. First day so will see what ever else "pops up"

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