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Problems with automatic updates

We recently installed McAfee total protection which we have used previously with no trouble. We keep getting a Your Computer is at Risk warning about our updates despite the fact that we also receive frequent messages that our protection is up to date and all programs are up to date. We are also frequently receiving a message that updates cannot be completed  due to an internet problem, but we are always able to update manually. Sometimes we can receive the warning several times each night after manually checking for updates. Suggestions anyone?

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Re: Problems with automatic updates

First thing run MVT tool in the Technical Support link in useful links tab above. Note run details and session ID

Then if the tool does not first the issue use the chat option to contact Technical support and see if they see anything on your PC.

This might be caused by bits of old AV programs that were never removed correctly. If you did have old Av programs use their own removal too and then maybe an uninstall reinstall of Mcafee would help.

If you followed this path uninstall via the MCPR tool in the tab above(mentioned) and reboot and run the MCPREINSTALL tool as well then reinstall. Really the techs will step you though this path if MCPR does not assist.

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Re: Problems with automatic updates

Hi Vb,

This frequent pop ups also happens on an intermittent internet connection. Could you please update us with the below information;

What operating system ?

How is the computer connected to internet ? (dsl/Wireless/cable)
Did you previously have any other security software in the computer ?

If you have run  the McAfee Virtual technician already, please provide us with the session id no. . If not yet , please access it from and provide us with the session id.


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Re: Problems with automatic updates

Thanks for the reply. I am running Windows XP. I am connected wirelessly through a Rogers Hub. The only other security I have had is the previous version (year) of McAfee.

I have run the McAfee Virtual technician--the session number is 31055602

It reported that there were no problems.

Thanks again for any suggestions.

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