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Problems with Total Protect 2010

Hi there,

i always get the info that the service is deactivated and that i shoud reactivate it.

I already reinstalled the software but still the same problem.

When i look at the info i´m told that the software was deactivated on 08.05.2010 so ... but on the account site the computer is still marked as "activ" ?!

The licence show 3 licences used but only two pc marked as aktiv ?!  so when i try to reactive the software i get the info that all my licences are in use and

that i shoud by another one .....

first of all i didn´t deactive anything and second thing is .. how can 3 licences be used even when only two PCs are marked as active including the one that shows that

problem with being deactivated  ... ?

Thx in advance

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Level 11

Re: Problems with Total Protect 2010

It looks like you have the Consumer rather than the Business version of the product. Please confirm and I will try have this post moved to the appropriate location.


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Level 12

Re: Problems with Total Protect 2010

Moved to SecurityCetner 2010 for better attention. Thanks Sjoerd!

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