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Problems with SecurityCenter 10

I have a three licence user of Internet Security, each computer experiences the same problem.

After installing the new version the program works fine for a few days, then it stops responding.

When the cursor is placed over the icon in the system tray, no message is seen.

Then if I try to start the program via my program list I get a blank flash screen.

The only way to solve the problem is to reinstall the whole program.

It's getting a little tedious, having to reinstall on three computers. when will a cure be available?

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Re: Problems with SecurityCenter 10

Hi ,

may i know wat s the operatin systm u r usin . is it  xp , vista  or windows 7( 32 bit or 64 bit ). Wat internet type  u hav (dsl cable or wireless). r u gettin any popup error  . Try to go to and install the latest version of mcafee virtual technician which when u run it will provide a session id . it may fix some of the issues in the system .

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Level 7

Re: Problems with SecurityCenter 10


I'm using XP Pro on two machines & XP Home on the other.

Connection type DSL.

McAfee virtual Technician does not load.

No pop up's are recevied

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