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Problems w/McAfee Total Protection 2009

I bought McAfee Total Protection 2009 online as my subscription expired. Loaded it and all items failed (security center, virus scan, personal firewall, etc...). I had the same problem last year so i ran the superanti spyware (twice) and re-installed product. Same thing - all failed to load. Ran the Virtual Technician and that stated it found 4 problems - products wont run due to being expired. No kidding.

I just tried again and i got the same result. Do i need to uninstall all McAfee and then use the MCPR.exe tool? If so, will someone send that to me?
I have windows XP, service pack 3.
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Level 7

mcpr tool and install mcafee


to be able to properly install mcafee please runt he removal tool here.

login in and download your program.
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