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Problem with renewal

We tried to renew our McAfee Security Centre last Friday. We carefully followed all the on-screen instructions but the downloads have caused major problems on our computer. Now there seems to be no trace of McAfee on our computer, and we cannot access our McAfee account. We called the helpline and were advised to download the Virtual Technician, but we can't access this either. When we open System Restore we get a blank screen.
I managed to get through to McAfee 'customer service' by phone today, but was advised to call a technician on their premium rate telephone number. I objected strongly to this, since we have paid £90 for their product, and the problem sits squarely with them. They have agreed for a technician to call us at home during the evening, but we will wait to see if that actually happens.
Has anybody else had a similar problem :confused: All advice gratefully accepted.

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