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Problem with installation of Mcafee & Customer Service

I recently purchased a laptop, that had Mcafees' trial verson. When it expired I went online and purchased more protection(which I will never do again), by using the chat window. Anyway now I cannot install it, because it says I have previous security difficult to remove. So I call up the 800 number, and they give me another number. I call the other number, and they tell me to call back the first number, because I have purchased an advanced product. I call the other number again, and again they tell me to call the first number. Further more I do not want to sound mean, but some of these customer reps are very hard to understand when you speak to them, although they try to be helpful, I constantly have to say "excuse me what did you say"? or I have to repeat what I say. Anyway I just want to get my problem solved, because my computer is without protection. I got 3 emails when I purchased the protection, I have the grant number, they have the record of my purchase. I wonder if there is anyone out there willing to help a customer at the end of her wits with this back and forth calling.  Please help I will truly appreciate it.

                                                                                               Thank You Very Much

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Re: Problem with installation of Mcafee & Customer Service


Sorry for the inconvenience caused, since you mentioned grant number, could you please specify whether have you subscribed for home use or an enterprise version of McAfee ?? so that we could get you some help from the right department.


Dinesh K

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