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Problem with McAfee licsense.

I'm not sure if this is where this topic should be.  Anyway my McAfee stopped updating and it looks like it's because there are 2 license instead of one.  I paid for one and all I need is one.  I only have one computer.  I renewed my license in Feb 10'.  I owned renewed for one and that was all I had.  When I log into my account it shows 2! When I click to view it, it says it's in Irvine.  I don't live in Irvine and never have.  Irvine is about an hour form me and I don't know anyone who lives there.  Did someone hack my account and add another license?  I need to fix this problem where I only have 1 license and it is in the city where I am in.  I need to get McAfee updating again.

P.S.  My regular computer crashed so I am waiting for a reinstall disc.  In the meantime I am using someone else comp so it may take a couple days to get back on here.

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Re: Problem with McAfee licsense.

Hi, any account questions can only be answered by Customer Service and I recommend either phoning them direct (free) or using the online chat (also free).  They are linked through Useful Links above.

Hope that helps.

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