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Problem with Entitlement and iniciating admin session

I just installed MFE total protection. I am trying to initiate an administration session but I receive the message that email or password is not valid. Also, from time to time I recieve an error that there has been an entitlement error.

during installation I was requested the key and the reseller. I got this product as a gift from a MFE person with five licenses. Then I entered the account part and there it said for the first time that an entitlement error occured, but the product started to work (and after a while I got the error again). Now I cannot enter the admin session.

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Re: Problem with Entitlement and iniciating admin session

If this is part a multi-license package then the email and password would most likely have to be those of the person who gave it to you.

You can phone Technical Support for free or use the online chat, also free, linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.  They can probably help you better than we can.

Customer Service: Account questions, problems with activation etc:

Technical Support: Software problems:

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