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Printer Communication Problem

My Lenovo G780 will no longer communicate with my printer through a direct connection. The printer and cable work well with another laptop. Error msg suggests one reason is my security system is blocking communication. How do I check & fix? I'm running McAfee provided by Cox Communications.


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Re: Printer Communication Problem

I'll try to answer but if it doesn't work, a Tech may eventually post if he spots this, otherwise Technical Support is always available by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

Open SecurityCenter

Click Web and Email Protection

Click Firewall

Click Internet Connections for Programs

It takes a while to load but once done you can rearrange them alphabetically by clicking the word "Program" at the top.

Locate the printer software and make sure it has full permission, use the Edit button if needed.

The content of the various sections there varies with version but you could try opening Ports and System Services to see if there are any entries there that may have a bearing.

You should also check if the printer is recognised by the operating system itself in Control Panel > Hardware & Sound and set up accordingly.  (not sure what system this is).

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