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Possible Corrupt MAV/Security Update Download?

After the latest update for McAfee AntiVirus Plus (May 6, 2010) I have not been able to access the McAfee Security Center. There is no response when I right click or double click the taskbar icon. When I try to open MSC from the Start/Programs or Desktop, a totally blank window opens.

This Update must have been a major one, as the Icon shapes have changed to the shields from the rounded box. I recall the little update (rotating arrow) seemed to be on for an extraordinary amount of time, around twenty minutes, while it usually takes just a minute or two. I checked that there seemed to be no inbound traffic for quite some time and shut my computer off while the rotating arrow was still on. I figured that it was McAfee glitch, or if the download was pausing that it would have the ability to resume when I turned the computer back on.

I've tried the Virtual Technician twice. The first time the outcome:

-fixed 4 missing/corrupt COM components

-problem 2 missing/corrupt COM components

-Pending DAT file out of date

The second time Virtual Technician appeared to fix the remaining 2 missing/corrupt COM components but the "Pending DAT file out of date" is unchanged.

Session ID 25495030

The Security Center still won't open and still no ability to scan files, of course. Microsoft Security Center says Virus Protection is "on."

Any suggestions to get Security Center functioning would be most appreciated. The thought of uninstalling and reinstalling isn't especially appealing.

Thanks A

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Re: Possible Corrupt MAV/Security Update Download?

If you have not already rebooted your computer, you may want to try that first. Run MVT again and see what it finds and fixes. It will generate another session id which you should post, but I also recommend you contact Technical Support Chat found at the top of this page under Useful Links. They are available 24/7 and can remote connect into your computer provided you give them permission and diagnose why you are having these issues.

Give them the session id numbers and ask them to escalate the issue to a higher level of tech support if they can't get you up and running to your satisfaction.

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Re: Possible Corrupt MAV/Security Update Download?

Tom, as Peter confirmed, I contacted chat (once they accepted a valid phone number) and a real live technician, Nikhil, determined the solution was to uninstall and reinstall MAV....which I had sort of figured was going to be the case. He took over the screen (it's a lttle disquieting) and completed that task rather quickly. I was very pleased as I was not looking forward to doing it myself.



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