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Pop-up dialog box claiming to be from Windows Security

This issue just started yesterday (2/21) and continues today.  After I choose a topic from your menu (whether I'm logged in or not), each time a new page opens, I get a small dialog box that pops up, supposedly from "Windows Security", stating "The server is asking for your user name and password. The server reports that it is from Lithium."  There are places to enter my username and password and an "OK" button to click -- which I don't do (don't enter my information, don't click any button). I can click the red "X" to get rid of the box, then it comes up again on the next page. I posted this issue on Microsoft Solutions forums, since the box is headed "Windows Security"; they suggested that I bring it up with you since it's only happening on your website, nowhere else. I run full scans several times a week; ran one today, all is well. Can you tell me, please, why I'm getting this message and whether it's bogus or not? Or how to get rid of it? I have pop-up blocker on full strength. Thank you.

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