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Please help me stop annoying Mcafee pop-ups that slow my computer

Hi there,

I have set my Real-Time Scanning to OFF. When I set it to off I selected that I never wanted it to turn on again. I do not want it on at all as it slows my computer to the extent that I may as well not even have a computer. However every couple of hours I get a pop-up in the bottom right of my screen from Mcafee saying my computer is not fully protected. I then need to click "check status" and then click "dismiss". I have to do this about 5 times a day. It is VERY annoying, and every time it creates one of those notification pop-ups it slows down my computer for about 5 minutes beforehand while it's getting ready to give me that message.

Please can someone tell me how I can stop these messages. I don't want real-time scanning on ever and I don't want Mcafee to keep telling me it's off. I know it's off because I turned it off.

I have also set my Automatic Updates to off. However every 5 days I get another pop-up telling me that I haven't installed updates for 5 days. Unless I click "check now" immediately when that pop-up appears, Mcafee will make my computer run slow until I do install updates. Installing updates usually takes about an hour and I am not able to use my computer for anything else while updates are being installed. Is there a way where I can just install updates at times convenient to me and not have Mcafee reminding me all the time?

Thank in advance for any help

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Re: Please help me stop annoying Mcafee pop-ups that slow my computer

You can't stop it but with real-time scanning off all the time you might as well uninstall the software as it's basically useless apart from whatever protection the firewall side of it affords you.

Also the software polls for updates every 4 hours and actually updates at least once every 24 hours, hence the Systrem Requirement of Internet access.

The consumer/home software is not designed the same way, say, as Enterprise software which is more configurable for use in special circumstances.

That all said, it shouldn't be slowing you down to any great extent unless you are downloading risky software continually or something like that.

Try turning off Netguard under Web and Email Protection > Firewall - see if that speeds things up.

Have you thought of opening a case with Technical Support - see Useful Links at the top of the page?

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