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Please help me! Not very good with IT stuff!!

I have a toshiba laptop & run Windows 7 on it. I bought Internet Security package yesterday & ever since then each time my laptop goes to sleep I lose my internet connection. When I just had the trial package this didn't happen & strangely, when I shut down completely & restart it automatically connects.

Please could someone tell me what buttons to press to ensure I don't lose the connection when I step away from my laptop for 10 minutes!! (Sadly that's quite often with my 5 month old son to entertain!!!)

Appreciate ANY suggestions anyone could provide!!

(FYI I have orange Wi-fi connection & have never had this issue before..._)

kind regards


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Re: Please help me! Not very good with IT stuff!!

Hi HP,

Could you please let us know the following information like

What is the version of firewall installed in the computer ?
Did we make any recent changes to the computer (any driver installation)
please try to reset your wireless router as most of them have this kind of losing internet connections intermittently

Dinesh K

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