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PLEASE DONT MOVE. Need quick help with my security software

So, I'm using the Mcafee that came with my Cox subscription, And I just got back from a fresh install of vista home premium 64 bit, And all of a sudden (Like starting today it seems) My anti virus and firewall just disables itself once every couple of hours or so and I have to reenable it manualy. It seems to work fine but just that. It did not do this on my old install of WIndows, And I have had the same thing. What could be the problem? Mcafee says I have no viruses, And Virtual tech support or whatever it is reported no problem. I also have that User Account Control enabled which seems to cause some problems. Could that be it?

And another thing, I notice a lot of blocked acceses or something on my log

What's up with that?

Again, Mods, Please don't move, I know this is the wrong place, But I need a quick awnser right now

Thank you


Well, Wait a sec, It seems like it does not disable my firewall, Just
-Real time Scanning
-IM Scanning
-Something else I forgot that I don't think was that important.

What's up?
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