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PC too slow after an VirusScan update

Hi , EX_Brit and All,

I am in the same problems as mcscotty57. But, for me, updates did not solve , nor other things as follows.

After another issue (adwares !), having cleared them, (not by McAfee ... it found nothing but adwares were there, used MB) and followed all the instructions and hints given by the assistance remote session operator:  changed HDD with a mint new , virgin one; re-installed OS , then installed again all the McAfee, and all the softwares .

My PC is an HP m9280it , but with OS Windows XP professional Sp3, vers. 20080413.144514; Window auto-update is off  ; Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 @2.40GHz 3.25GB Ram ; 0.5TB HD

I use as default browser the last versions of Mozilla Firefox 27.0.1 (x86it), although nothing changed using MS Explorer 8 v.8..0.6001.18702, or Opera or Chrome as other browsers , last versions.

Mail by Mozilla Thunderbird  24.4.0 ; McAfee Total Protection v. 12.8.934 , auto-update; MS Office 2003 and partly 2007 .

A complete McAfee scan found nothing . Then I followed McAfee assistance on line: Virtual Techn. found nothing; chat or email assistance is not available anymore for Italy.

I also ran a complete Stinger scan , more than 70 hours to complete, hi ; nothing found.

Uninstalling McAfee suite, all runs OK and with good speed. By using task manager is appears that mcshield.exe is hyperactive. Also on freecell ! Try to change settings, that appears to be normal.

Sometimes it happens an OS message for McSvHost  that will be closed for an error , many fault message sent to MS , no feedback yet.

I am in doubt if I should test again a scan with another anti-adware soft as I had to do last time: Malwarebytes antimalware did find and clear all adwares and trojans McAfee was not able to do at that time (quite odd!); but I would prefer not to. I am using McAfee from many years for all my PCs and I trust it.

I wrote back McAfee assistance after the last issue and changes as suggested by the operator, using the same assistance number as well as other email addresses; but it seems that all my emails have not been read at all; I am in fact not able to get an answer by email.

So as my last option I come here for an help,  Hope is the last to quit , HI .

I wish you or some other here are able to suggest me a trick; this is now a real snail-speed PC , fast un-usable.

It was not so, before these adwares remopval and also the McAfee suggested changes.

Thanks in advance,



retired engineer

ham radio: i2jjr +  hb9tza

Pescara and  Varese  (Italy)

Lugano (Switzerland)

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Re: PC too slow after an VirusScan update

OK for starters, Malwarebytes and other anti-adware software will find things that major antiviruses do not, that's what they are designed to do.  Adware isn't often malicious but is always a nuisance and they root it out because they are designed to do so.

You apparently are emailing support am I right?   Probably your best bet & quicker would be to use the free phone or online chat.

If you are finding the software slows your machine down too much try changing settings under Virus and Spyware Protection > Real-time scanning > Settings or contact Technical Support again and ask them to escalate the case.

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Re: PC too slow after an VirusScan update

Thanks Ex_Brit for your quick answer.

No support is available for Italy nor Switzerland, no email, no chat ; I had tried it before to write on the Forum here.

I have also tried with the settings as you suggest, reducing them to a minimum, then restoring to the default ones; but this seemed not to affect anythyng.

I also have restored MS IE als default browser because of known mozilla problems.

Also tried to default browsers Chrome and Opera, that I have also installed to test some web pages I mantain and make.

No results.

For Mozilla TB , I note that I also have very slow speed just opening some folder on the HD , ( this happens with ms ie anyway)  with no TB running, and it is just teh same when TB is running.

To open a message is a pity, just as open a file with MS Words or Excel or even notepad.

Slow also running a single program and windows task manager.

Anyway, without TM running the speed remain just the same calm one , hi .

What I see uning task manager, is that CPU load is very low and memory also low, but the speed is ridiculously low.

I have the PC connected to a home lan , then to Internet with high speed, no problems there, apart on Sundays, when net slows down because of excessive users bottleneck, hi

That's all I can say until now. Of course, reinstalled mcafee , tb, browsers, etc etc ; no results yet.

But without McAfee , not tested in net connection, but all seems to be enough speedy, like normal.

Reinstalling McAfee, the Tempo will go really down to a caaaaaalm one .

Like having an 8088 at 4MHz with 256k RAM ...  ";^)    ... back to DOS 2 era ?

Thanks for any possible hint; from time to time, I'll try the McAfee italian assistance sitepages , to see if an email assistance or a chat will be somehow possible again.


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Re: PC too slow after an VirusScan update

That should not be happening with your browsers.

When you say there is no phone or chat support what do you mean language support?  There certainly is supposed to be.  Or you simply can't reach them?

If you can quote any service request ID numbers here I will ask one of my support contacts to post in this thread.

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Re: PC too slow after an VirusScan update

I've also branched this to your own new discussion so it gets better attention.

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Re: PC too slow after an VirusScan update

Thank you , re. assistance I'm just making all the Virtual tech faq etc to come to see if a contact is somehow possible, then I'll tell you exactly what is going on, in a few minutes.

It asks what for a device, I select PC , and this happens:

Assistenza tecnica per la casa e il piccolo ufficio

Selezionare il paese e la lingua.
Su quale dispositivo si riscontra il problema?

Come contattarci
Tempi di risposta previsti:   2 minuti
Orari di attività: Da Lunedi a Venerdi - dalle 9 00 alle 18 00
Tempi di risposta previsti: Fra 1 e 2 giorni lavorativi
Orari di attività: Da Lunedi a Venerdi - dalle 18 00 alle 9 00
Tempi di risposta previsti: 5 to 10 Minutes
Orari di attività: Da Lunedi a Venerdi - dalle 9 00 alle 18 00

Le opzioni di supporto  assistito sopra elencate non sono attualmente disponibili. Fare  riferimento agli orari di attività del paese in cui si risiede.

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Re: PC too slow after an VirusScan update

So from Monday to Friday phone and chat works  - not at other times.  Better to wait until the weekdays for quicker service than email.

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Re: PC too slow after an VirusScan update

Hi to all,

I have exactly the same problem as described by Augusto ... and I come from the same part of Italy!

My OS is WinDoz XP SP3 fully updated with Internet Security Suite.

I would like to uninstall the McAfee product and install it again as suggested in the other discussion referred to the same problem:

Temporary solution I adopted: disable the Real Time protection !

Please provide a solution ASAP,



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Re: PC too slow after an VirusScan update

Hi kuba,

         Welcome to the McAfee Community.

Being uncertain if you have,or have not reverted back to a "Previous" restore point or not? Please know that if such is the case. One needs to make certain (All) Windows updates are still current, to include Internet Explorer 8, and all (Add-ons) specifically being "Adobe Flash Player" The most current version is, which is about to change due to the (Recent) pwn20 annual "Hacking contest.

Where vulnerabilities were found in (all) Browsers and Adobe Products to be included.Chrome and Firefox has patched the here-in mentioned exploitation of their respective Browser. Having said all of this....

Kindly go to your (Add/Remove) in your control panel, and remove your McAfee Internet Security Suite/Reboot. Allow windows and all programs to fully load.

Download and (Save) the latest McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool ( MCPR) to your Desktop.

This can be found at the top of this page, under "Useful Links"

Download and install/run the "McAfee Pre-Install Tool"

Now open the "MCPR" Tool, and follow directions and run it when recieving the prompt(Clean-up Successful)/Reboot. Allow all of Windows and other programs to fully load.

You are now ready to go to your "Registerd Account" online, or if you are using your ISP...Sign in there, and proceed to Download/Re-install your McAfee Product. Note: Please allow McAfee to be sent anonymous information.

Here is a Link also to assist you in "Re-installing" your McAfee Product:

Please post back your results.

I hope this helps...

Kind Regards,


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Re: PC too slow after an VirusScan update


Please also follow the directions listed in this

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