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Overall Perfromance Issues ( 9.15.135 )

Being a very experience PC user who is knowledge able in both hardware and software technologies, I believe I am qualified to make this assertion:  McAfee Security Center is a dog.     I regret upgrading to the Security Center and when the subscription runs out, I  will not renew.  UNLESS – there are dramatic improvements made to the product:

1)      The “Your computer is not fully protected” fiasco is corrected

2)      System performance during scans is dramatically improved

3)      The overall system performance is not markedly degraded

How can I get the performance returned to my PC and, thus, retain the value I placed in your product?

Machine: XP Pro SP3

McAfee Security Center 9.15 Build 9.15.135

Updates: Current

Scanned: Full Yesterday

Adware: None

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Re: Overall Perfromance Issues ( 9.15.135 )

I agree. I have had this software for at least 18 months and have been suffering with the amount of resources it takes for a scan.

Additionally, it looks like there are multiple daily update downloads which also appreciatley slow down the computer.

Does anyone know if there is anything that can be done, short of dumping McAfee, to help improve performance?


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