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Outlook \ McAfee add-in ... and a few thoughts

I just got back from a three day vacation (in Amsterdam) and had several e-mails from McAfee waiting for me. I have an interesting problem and have spent more than three hours online (with McAfee controlling my computer) with three different techs. They tried to reach me while I was away and now have been elevated to a 2.5 tech. Can't you feel the electricity in the air.

Before I went on vacation I discovered something which I'm sure has something to do with this entire situation. For the longest time I would receive a Windows message when starting the computer (Vista Home Premium, SP1, everything up to date) that the Skype Extras Manager was not working. This was a Windows message though I no longer receive it.

While looking at e-mails in Outlook 2007 (also up to date) I clicked on the second from the left McAfee toolbar\add-in icon - 'Mark the selected message(s) as Not Spam' - and the 'Find Skype Name' from the Skype\Outlook add-in appears! It really seems there's a conflict with Outlook 2007, the McAfee Outlook add-in, and the Skype Outlook add-in ... or not. I'm not a tech you see.

If I would have clicked on that icon (or if the three techs during those three plus hours of ... tech support would have clicked there) perhaps I might have some of those three hours back. As it stands now, those three hours are lost forever.

Just passing this on as a conscientious consumer. DH
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