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On-demand update annoys

On-demand update process is unnecessarily annoying. Once I select "update" from right-clicking the M tray icon, I shouldn't need to read what will happen over and over again each time. Nearly all client programmers realize this and offer the option "Do not show this message again." Not McAfee.

The unneeded message:

"Security Center will now check for updates [duh]. If no update is available, a message appears. If an update is available, an animated icon appears in the system tray."

Not only is this message annoying the umpteenth time the user is forced to view it, the "OK" button must be clicked before the update takes place.
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RE: On-demand update annoys


Thank you for your feedback, if you don’t like to update the McAfee product automatically then you can make changes in update settings.
Security center panel >configure> automatic update >advanced >select the option according to your convenience
Please don’t forget to update the McAfee product manually since detection signature file will be updated on regular bases.

RE: On-demand update annoys

I think you might have read my complaint too quickly, Bala. The problem is NOT with my choices, the problem is the design of the "Security Center will check for updates now..." warning accompanying an on-demand update.

Unless you can tell me how to avoid that warning, the only helpful response I can think of is "I will forward this suggestion to McAfee programming department."

RE: On-demand update annoys

the new version of McAfee that is on for beta sure has a different GUI when you ask it to do an On demand update.. maybe you can check that out if you are interested in testing products...