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No internet access unless firewall turned off

running ISS2009, XP SP3. use sierra AT&T wireless broadband card. after installing, IE 7 will not connect (DNS error), Outlook will not connect to e-mail server. i have set program permissions all to allow, ISP IP range for AT&T to trust. nothing works. if i turn firewall off (like now), i can conduct business as usual. i turn windows firewall off when i turn the McAfee firewall on abd vice versa.

did not have this problem with norton.
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please delete

posted in wrong forum. sorry.
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RE: No internet access unless firewall turned off


please try the following...

in your internet explorer browser:
1. click on tools
2. choose internet options
3. click on connections tab
4. click on lan settings
5. put a check on automatically detect settings only...

in your network settings
1. go to control panel
2. click on netowrk and internet connections
3. click on network connections
5. right click on local area connection icon and choose properties
6. in the LAN properties window double click on TCP/IP
7. make sure that obtain IP address automatically and obtain DNS address automatically are chosen

in your mcafee security center:
1. open mcafee
2. click internet and network
3. click on the configure button for internet and network
4. click advanced button for firewall settings
5. click on allow full access for global security firewall settings

hope this helps...
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