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No internet access after install?

I downloaded and installed Total Protection yesterday. Since I was removing my old antivirus (AVG), and was concerned about the unprotected time while making the switch, I hooked up my PC directly to my modem and shut down the router.

So, McAfee is now installed, and the PC has been scanned. I reconnected the PC and modem to the router and powered it back on.

My wireless devices all have internet access, but the PC which is hardwired to the router, does not.:confused:

I tried disabling the firewall and still no internet access on the PC.


Windows XP SP3
Apple Airport Extreme Router
Motorola Modem

I appreciate any help!

ETA: I have also tried going to Manage Network. I got the following message: Can't display a map because Your computer is not connected to a network OR Your computer is hooked up to an IPv6 network (My network is an IPv4 network). I put the router IP into the trusted Networks and gave the router software full access through Program Permissions.
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Level 7

RE: No internet access after install?

Turns out I have other issues with my PC. sad Scary issues.

This thread can be closed. Thanks anyway! happy
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