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No Virus Protection

I recently downloaded McAfee Antivirus Plus.  It is now telling me that I have no virus protection.  When I click on the button to Add Virus Protection, it brings me to a list of features I have installed.  If I click on My Home Network, there is a warning icon telling me My Computer is at risk.  But if I click on that icon, nothing happens.

If I go to the home screen, it tells me Virus Protection is not installed.  It also tells me Real Time Scanning is not installed.

If I click on Install this feature now, it takes me back to the list of features that are installed (see above paragraph).

Should I try to re-download and reinstall the software since it doesn't seem to be complete?

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Re: No Virus Protection

If you had any other brand of protection installed make sure you used their removal tools.

Try uninstalling  McAfee via the Control Panel in the normal way

Use the MCPR removal tool listed under Useful Links at top of this page & reboot.

Reinstall from your online account.

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