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No Protection / Won't Fix

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I Show An Alert To Computer & Files Not Protected.

It Instructs Me To Click On The Fix.button.......when I Do This The Green Bar Goes Through Its Back And Forth Motiuon But The No Protection Problem Still Exists... What Is Wrong ??????

It Also Mentions 8 & 29 Days To Go ????????
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RE: No Protection / Won't Fix

Moved to Security Center 9. Please can you give more information?

Please include the following information:

What is your operating system, service pack and are you up to date with Microsoft update?

What McAfee products do you have? If your taskbar icon is like this: - double-click to open SecurityCenter and then click "View Details" or "About" at the lower right of the new window. Post the details from each module.

First thing to check for that error is your system clock. Make sure it is accurate both time and date and timezone-wise.
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Level 7

Not Protected Problem

To Answer Your Question..........i Have 5 Versions

Security Center ...version 8.1

Virus Scan...................version 12.1

Personal Firewall .............version 9.1

Site-advsior.........version 2.8

Easy Network..............version 2.1

I Just Updated Microsoft..............custom Level

I Believe My System Clock Is Set Wrong For This Program..........not Sure How To Reset It. !!!!!!!!
Not Protected Problem Still Exists

Thank You.......jvs
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Level 7

RE: Not Protected Problem

To fix the System Clock, just double-click on the time in the system bar or alternatively, you can go to Start -> Control Panel -> Date and Time.

make sure you adjust it to the correct time/date/time zone according to your place. after fixing the clock, click on Update on the McAfee Security Center and wait for it to download the updates.
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Level 7

Pc Not Protected Message

This Message Continues To Come Up No Matter What I Try

It Indicates That The Signature File Is More Then 30 Days Old

It Also Indicates That Dat & Engine Are Out Of Date

I Tried Everything Thats Fix.......mvt Nothing Seems To Work

Maybe I Should Uninstall And Then Re-nstall Please Advise

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Level 11

RE: Pc Not Protected Message

Did this computer have any other security software pre-installed or installed on it now?
(Incase you removed it mention how you removed it)

Is this computer behind some sort of proxy server?
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Level 7

No Protection / Won't Fix

My Problem Started When My Internet Provider "at&t Yahoo"
E-mailed Me With A Down-load Program Macafee Security Center Powered By At&t. This Si Their New Security Version Free To At&t Yahoo Customers Frow What I Understand......

I Follwed The Down-loading Instructions.......the Program Indicated The Old Security Versions Or Programs Will Be Automatically Removed During The Down-load Process

My Pc Is A Stand Alone Pc There Are No Proxy Servers.........

I Don't Know Of Any Other Security Programs That May Be A Part Of My Pc.

Whats A Bit Confusing Is That My At&t Yahoo Browser Still Uses Norton Anti-virus Checks...............not Sure If This Can Cause A Ever At&t Yahoo Shoud Know This........
Its Annoying Because It Does Indicate That My Files Are Not Protected..........
Thank You

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