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New probram problems anti virus plus

An update installed a new version of anti virus plus or whatever McAfee calls it. Hard to find out.

This was just before the 5958 bomb that was dropped. I got 5959 before scan or reboot so I'm safe.

These problems all seem to be in the new program.

Occasionally when I go to a web page (several times a day), any web page including McAfee help, MCSHIELD goes into a loop consuming 99-100% cpu time for 45 seconds.

No reason I can see. Just have to wait till its done.

With my USB media card reader plugged in but no cards installed at boot I get the Windows-nodisk exception processing message C0000013.

Looks like mcaffe is trying to access a card that is not there. (the 4 drives show up in my computer) This message comes up 4 times and I have to  cancel it.

If the reader is not plugged in then all is normal.

Virtual technician will no longer load. My old one went away. After I download it again it just sits there initalizing for hours with the green pacifier moving back and forth.

All was well before the program update on windows XP sp3 Pentium 4

Any Ideas.

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