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New Update Has Shut Down Vista and 7

Hi, all, hope someone can help me with this.  |Late last week,both my desk top, running Vista, and my laptop, running Windows 7, automatically received the new update for Internet security 2009.  Immediately, both computers locked up.  I tried uninstalling the old version and then reinstalling, using the option to download and install from online, rather than install from the disk. Still locks up. So, I can't run the Virtual Technician because I had to uninstall McAfee completely to see if it can fix the problem, and I haven't seen what the solution is online yet.  Anyone else having this problem andnow the solution?

Thanks in advance for any help/answers you can give me...right now, I have 2 computers conected to the internet without virus protection,which is a very scary thought.

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Re: New Update Has Shut Down Vista and 7

Hi stonecoldsteve, My computer has not locked up but i have had many other problems.I also had these happen after an update from Mcafee.I am also running Windows 7.The reason you probabley have not recieved an answer yet.Is because as of now Mcafee is sticking with the It`s a windows xp thing.I have been waiting 2 weeks ............nothen.           Good luck

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