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New Security Center Question

I had just gotten the update to Version 12.1 for my Security Center for McAfee Internet Security.  However, I noticed that the build version is listed as 11.6 and when I manually perform updates, it would download the update and ask to restart. However, nothing changed as I wrote down all of the versions and build for each component. This is on my XP machine. How do I fix this problem without having to uninstall and reinstall McAfee. I don't want to leave my machine unprotected

The other problem or question is that in the Real-Time Scanning settings, for the "scan for these threats" section my XP machine has 4 option. One is the automatic, second is script for Firefox and IE, third is Potentially unwanted programs or something, amd last is buffer overflow exploit.  But when I checked my Vista machine, that buffer overflow option isn't there. Should it be turned on for my XP machine?

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Re: New Security Center Question

As an update, I have tried updating my XP machine over the past week. Everytime, I perform the update manually it would download the updates amd start to install them. After installing the first update which is usualy the VirusScan, Mcafee asks to restart.


However, after the computer restarts the build version is the same and the dat version/engine version for VirusScan did change.

I tried doing the update today and everytime it would download the update 10% at a time until it reaches 100%. After that I could count to 12 and it would ask to restart. But after the restart nothing changed, I did this about 6 times today and the same things happen from the downloading to restarting. How do I fix this without uninstalling McAfee and reinstalling it.

As for that Buffer Overflow exploit option in the Real Time Scanning options, should it be checked or unchecked because the Buffer Overflow option isnt available in my Vista machine when I go to the Real Time Scanning options. So should this be turned on for my XP machine or not?

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