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New Network Detected - What if I don't trust it ?

Suddenly, a McAfee box appeared:

/!\ New Internet Connection Detected
Your PC is connected to a new network &c.

The only offered options were to assign it as, Public, Home or Work.  I chose Public as it seemed safest.

I don't want to connect to anything but my own home wireless router.

The only option McAfee "My Network" offers is "Trust Network".

There's no button for "Don't trust network", so I can't get rid of it !   No way to find out if it is trustworthy !

The "Learn More" button help page offers no useful information.  What do I do about this ?

Once again, all help appreciated !
Thanks, Frank.

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Re: New Network Detected - What if I don't trust it ?

Hi bannerman,

Personal Firewall displays an alert when it detects Internet or network traffic from new or modified applications; If an alert appears recommending caution when allowing the application Internet access, you can select Click here to get more information about the application. This option appears in the alert if Personal Firewall is configured to use Smart Recommendations.
As in this case, it appears that the IP should be of your default gateway providers i.e ISP, in such cases you can mark them as home .

Whereas you can report an application to McAfee by clicking Tell McAfee about this program by which You will be directed to a web page asking you for information related to the application. Please fill out the form with as much detail as possible. The information you provide  is used in conjunction with other research tools by our HackerWatch team to determine whether an application should be listed in our known applications database and how it should be handled by Personal Firewall.

Hope this is informative for you,  J

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community moderator

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