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Network PC called "Thomson"

I have recently resolved an issue with McAfee "Real-Time Scanning" which kept turning itself off by uninstalling McAfee & reinstalling it as per the advice of McAfee support.  This worked perfectly & I have had no issues until last evening when I had a p[op-up message from McAfee to tell me that not all of my network PC's were protected & that if I wanted to protect "Thomson" then I need to log on from that PC called Thomson to download my licensed McAfee software onto it as well.

My wireless key is totally secure, I have a fully secure broadband service & none of my neighbours are called Thomson so I know it is not a local hacking issue in my Neighbourhood.

I have logged onto a site called "Tom's Hardware" this morning & there are other McAfee users on there with the exact same issue but no resolutions offered as yet.

1) I have no other network PC so who is "Thomson"?

2) How do I get rid of him?

3) Is my PC at risk from an unrecognised virus that McAfee cannot remove?

I am currently running Windows Vista on a 4yr old PC & I am using Windows Explorer 9 as my browser.

I have had no other malware or internet security issues, so any help would be much appreciated, as I am loathe to spend £50 for McAfee to resolve this issue for me.

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Re: Network PC called "Thomson"

Is this any help?

It would appear to be the BT Hub's name so should be allowed.  I would phone your ISP to make sure.

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