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Network Manager

can't find any direction on operating within Network Manager so I will aks the questions I have here...
I am currently showing 6 computers connected to my network, only one I have clearly identified. All the names/IP addresses, except the one identified specifically, are numbers in the range of the 4-port router I am using.
If I mark all these as intruders, will they be able to try to connect later and then, if I ID them as friends, they will be OK, or will they block that specific IP address moving forward. My son connects via his Apple laptop and probably occassionally through his iPhone.
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Level 7

RE: Network Manager


if you mark it as intruders or as not trusted then definitely those will not be able to connect. however you always have the option in the network manager window to give it access by marking it as trusted or as a friend.

hope this helps...
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