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Network Manager computer listing?


A while back I looked at my network manager and noticed a number of computers being connected to my network. At the time, my network did not have any security protection on it (stupid, I know).

A couple of days ago I went through the process and successfully put a security key on the wireless router I use and all of that, and my network manager is still showing a number of computers on my network. These aren't sophisticated hackers; they're simply dopes from the neighborhood. My password is quite complex and there's no way these people could have deciphered it.

I'm wondering if my network manager is incorrect or if it's simply showing me the other networks that are in the area. From the graphics I'm inclined to believe these people are still somehow using my connection, though I'd have no idea how. Am I misreading the graphic or is something else going on? Any help would be appreciated.
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Should this go someplace else? I realize it's probably a stupid question but I don't know the answer to it. I figured it had to do with the network manager which is why I posted it here.
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RE: Redirect

Your connection, being password protected now, is most likely safe and sound. They show up because they are broadcasting wirelessly on the same band as you and, like everyone, are probably looking for the fastest local connection. If you aren't using a network just stop trusting it in SecurityCenter.

They have virtually no chance of entering your computer, but my concern with my wireless router is someone using my bandwidth. Secure passwords usually are proof against all that.


Much obliged. Thanks for the response and information.
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RE: Thanks

You're welcome.