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Network Issues

I have 2 computers 3 if you count the external hard drive all running XP sp3, one is XP Pro. I recently upgraded my brother's computer to my old one... did the Restore thing so the HDD was like it was when I first bought the computer, made his HDD into an external HDD. Installed McAfee Total Protection version 9 from the site on both computers. Had the network all set up working smoothly and for the past couple of days it hasn't been working. Can't share the printer or files. On both computers in the Network Manager it has each of us grayed out saying we were offline when we really weren't. I was searching the net and found that network tool thingy and ran it on both computers. Rebooted mine first to be the Admin of the network, did the Trust Network. Turned his computer on and nothing happened so I did the Trust Network thing on his and now we are both in our own networks. I can't see him and he can't see me in the Manage Network window. I did Option 2 and still nothing. Am I doing something wrong somewhere? I ran that Virtual Technician on his and had to fix an outdated DAT. Oh yeah, we are on a wired network.
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