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Netprotect Plus & the blue screen of death.

Hello all,

I am a newbie to these forums.

I have a problem with McAfee Netprotect Plus, which is provided as complimentary software with the internet provider package that I have. I first downloaded it in the summer of 2010, and it installed and worked correctly for a few weeks, after which time I was asked to download updates for it, which I did. After I did that, when I restarted my machine, I was presented with a blue screen of death in which it said "driver_irql_not_or_less_equal." Windows (7) would not load. I had to use System Restore to go back to the pre-update state.

Since that time, I've just left it in that same state, which is fine except for the fact that the automatic update box pops up every time I use to the machine. I did look for help in the support forums of the internet provider, but nothing there was any help.

I've just checked those same forums again, and this time I have found more people that have had a similar problem. I understand from what I've read that this is a problem that only McAfee can fix?

Yesterday, I downloaded the latest version of the software, after uninstalling the previous version. Netprotect installed correctly, but this time after restarting my machine, the blue screen of death appeared again! So I've had to use system restore again to wind back to the older version.

I'm using a Packard Bell AMD Turion II Dual-Core Mobile M500 laptop, 64 bit, running Windows 7.

What can I do?

Yours appreciatively,


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Re: Netprotect Plus & the blue screen of death.

Hi Paul,

Have installed service pack 1 on the computer ( Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)- Installation Tips ). I recommend you to check for windows update and install all important and optional updates. Please remove any other security software installed along with McAfee ( FAQ ). You need to uninstall McAfee first, then run MCPR tool ( and restart the computer. Login to McAfee account and install McAfee again ( How to install McAfee ) .

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