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Need help - blank Security Center screen!

Hello, I just installed Security Center 2010 that was bundled with my internet package with At&t. I just finished updating, and cannot change any settings nor open the security panel. This is what I see:

Any ideas anyone? Would really like to have this working.


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Re: Need help - blank Security Center screen!

Are you using, or at least have installed, IE9 beta?   That isn't compatible.  See:  It causes blank user interfaces.

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Re: Need help - blank Security Center screen!


Make sure that u do have not installed the IE 9 Beta version. If it's IE.9 then you will have to uninstall if from the installed updates option in control panel. If its not IE.9 then make sure all the McAfee services are enabled and running in services.msc (MSConfig - Services), you can also run the McAfee Virtual Technician tool to fix the problem



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