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My Purchase Today of McAfee 2011 Security will not install...


After downloading the purchased software from my account online, once the software attempts to install, I receive a message which states: "Your McAfee software download cannot continue because either there's a problem with your internet connection or the McAfee download server is unavailable".  To fix this, make sure your PC is connected to the internet or wait a few moments for the server to become available, then try again."

As my internet connection allows me to log into McAfee's Community, it's mustn't be an internet problem.  However, there must be a conflict somewhere, unrelated to the old software (McAfee 2010) as I've uninstalled that software.

I have searched through the standard Windows firewall (Windows 7) and have found no conflicts.

Can you suggest what I may do to correct this problem and/or if the McAfee server is experiencing problems as I've repeatedly try to connect to the server by clicking "Retry"?

Kind Regards,


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Re: My Purchase Today of McAfee 2011 Security will not install...

Have you any other security software installed and how do you connect to the internet?  Also have you had any indication of any malware being present?

Although I see you are using Firefox, McAfee relies on a working Internet Explorer set to its defaults to function, so open Internet Explorer and go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and click Reset.

(Edit: If this is a 64-bit system use the 32-bit Internet Explorer).

Click Apply and OK any prompts.

Close and reopen IE and go to Tools/Manage Add-Ons and re-enable any that you need.

See if that helps.

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Re: My Purchase Today of McAfee 2011 Security will not install...

Hello there,

Were you able to get your McAfee programs installed, If not ; please get back to us with the below information;

How is the computer conencted to internet ? (dsl/wireless/cable)
Did you have any other  security scanner in this computer previously - Something that came along with the computer preinstalled ?
Also, Click on Start - click on Start search and type cmd

From the selection - Right click on cmd and select Run as  administrator

In the command promt window type - ping and let us know if you recieve a valid reply from the site.

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Re: My Purchase Today of McAfee 2011 Security will not install...

Hi Greetings..

I believe this problem while downloading McAfee usually appears if there is anyother antivirus programs running on your computer, so please make sure that you remove if you have any other security softwares before installing McAfee.Second chance if your using any proxy internet connections it may make us difficult to install McAfee on to your computer. please check if you are behind a proxy connection incase if you are try disabling the proxy and install McAfee.Try this and let us know how it goes!!!



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