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My Network Connections changing to Public from Home

With the new Mcafee GUI version the computer with a wireless network connection automatically changes from home to public. After Mcafee upgrade to the new gui version a PC which i set the network connection to home at some point changes to public. I can still access the internet but on my router it blocks the comuter ID, so when i monitor the router, i am not sure which comuter it is. I have a second comuter which is wireless and has not been upgraded yet and it does not do it. It is the same model i bought both at the same time, all running windiws 7 Home Premium .  I have a 3rd computer that is hard wired to the router with the new version of mcafee and when i set it to Home, it stays home. It seems to be  a problem with with the wireless settings. I would think once you identify it as Home it should stay as Home. I hate having to change it several times a day.

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