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My McAfee Security Center is spamming me?

Well not spamming exactly, but equally annoying. I have a valid installed 9.0 version of Security Center with Virus Scan, Personal Firewall, easy Network and Backup and Restore.

Periodically, and usually at the most inopportune time (like in the middle of a presentation); my Security Center pops up a window (just like as if some threat had been discovered) and offers me a discount on renewing my subscription (which I have about a year left on) and recently it has been popping up Holiday Season savings.

THIS IS INSANE...!!!!!! especially from software I specifically purchased to block such low life $#*% in the first place?!?

I call the tech support team and they had no clue (I don't blame them, but they, or more correctly their scripts, were less than helpful).

There are no settings that I could find to disable these messages and they seem to come in spurts.

I did a quick search but the keywords McAfee and SPAM obviously didn’t get me too far. Is anyone else experiencing this? I purchased and downloaded right off the McAfee website on a fresh install of XP SP3 (I did it myself and know it was a clean install; both XP and McAfee) so I am not running trial versions of anything.

Soory for the rant and any suggestions would be appreciated.
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RE: My McAfee Security Center is spamming me?

hi jerryjmcconnell,

since when are you having these alerts? I believe this toaster alerts (as what McAfee calls them) were pushed last Dec 23. Unfortunately, there is no way to turn them off. Eventually, they will go away.
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McAfee is SPAMMING me

I get exactly the same thing, it's the reason I came here. It is SPAM

It will not "go away". I've had an online subscription to McAfee for many years and this "$#*% " just started happening in the last year or so. The most common "unwanted advertisement" McAfee delivers to my screen is as Jerry stated, a 50% offer to renew my subscription early, an account that has been set on auto renew for at least 5 years, although there are others of wich I cannot recall the specific details at this time but, were to purchase more software from McAfee.
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RE: McAfee is SPAMMING me

Yeah I gotta ***** the same tone. Its like those alerts know when it's the most annoying time to pop up, and then they do. Not to mention there is no easy way to temporarily disable SC.

Why am I buying this program again??....probably wont