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Missing SysTray icons w/ Security Center 9 uprgade

I have been experiencing an intermittent problem after an upgrade to Security Center 9.0. When I reboot my PC, I find some of the systray icons do not load, the two that bug me the most are the 'Volume' icon and the 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon. Checking the sound settings, the 'Place volume icon in the taskbar' is still checked. If I uncheck, hit apply, recheck, hit apply. it shows up.

The volume icon is missing 95% of the time and the hardware icon is 50-50. I did not have this problem until upgrade to Security Center. No other software changes.

Doing a bit of internet searching, comments suggest that some software at boot may overlay an icon in a queue waiting to load.

I ran the McAfee Virtual Technician - all OK.

Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a solution to this problem?

1.5G RAM
broadband connection
Security Center Build: 9.3.137
VirusScan build: 13.3.117
Personal Firewall build: 10.3.106
SiteAdvisor build: 2.9.258
AntiSpam build: 10.3.109
EasyNetwork build: 3.3.105
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Level 11

RE: Missing SysTray icons w/ Security Center 9 uprgade

try this for now..
click on start
select run and then type

rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks

and hit enter and then reboot the machine
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Level 7

Still have issues

Ran the suggestion. First reboot, no Volume, no Hardware icon. Second reboot, no Volume, Hardware showed up. Next suggestion?
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